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We are an NADCA certified Raleigh company, provides commercial air duct cleaning services to schools, hospitals, hotels, pharmaceutical companies, apartment buildings and many other industrial businesses.

Yes, our commercial services result in clean air ducts, but our service is really better described as a full HVAC restoration process as you’ll see in the video.

With our experience addressing sick building syndrome and enhancing energy efficiency of commercial grade HVAC systems while ensuring a steady flow of clean indoor air.

My Air Duct company utilizes top of line, truck mounted, negative pressure air duct cleaning to do commercial air duct cleaning.

Commercial air duct cleaning

Commercial air duct cleaning

equipment on all our commercial duct cleaning projects. This is the industry best practice which helps prevent airborne contaminants from escaping during the duct cleaning process and getting into the inside of your building where the customers and employee are this is why negative air is the only way to go when hiring a duct cleaning contractor.

Certified by NADCA to perform your HVAC system cleaning?

  • Are they fully licensed and insured?
  • Do they have the proper equipment and manpower to handle your industrial or commercial duct cleaning project?
  • Does the company have extensive experience with a facility of your scale?
  • Can the company provide references from other commercial air duct cleaning clients?
  • Does the company offer both an initial and final inspection with your facility manager?
  • Raleigh Air Duct Cleaning can proudly answer each of those questions with a “YES!”

Your satisfaction 100% guaranteed…

Contact me Ron Nichols today to discuss your commercial air duct cleaning project. We look forward to making you our next happy customer!

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Ron Nichols

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Cleaner